We are always looking for the answer outside of ourselves. But the truth is that it lies within.

The great spiritual teachers have taught us that the true source of joy lies not outside of ourselves but in the treasure chest of our own heart. The many beautiful shaktis (intelligent energies) which God has bestowed upon the world's spiritual traditions through initiations, attunements, and empowerments, are keys to unlocking that chest. Through our workshops from these ancient traditions, the Spiritual Unfoldment Network™ can help you find the key(s) which best fits your own treasure chest.

The Spiritual Unfoldment Network™ is an international non-denominational spiritually oriented network of teachers dedicated to making available to the public esoteric energy work from all major spiritual traditions. Our goal is to assist people in progressing more effectively on their personal spiritual path, at their own pace, without prescribing what that path must be.

"The important thing is not to stop questioning."  Einstein